Matches BX-L14 Premium

size: 110 x 41 x 9 mm
contents: approx. 14 pcs.



Matches in boxes LONG BX-L14 Premium

PREMIUM matches. Matches in an exclusive box. Possibility to make premium packaging in all dimensions available on the website.
To raise the standard, we additionally propose the execution of the sent graphics in the hot stamping technique. Various colors of foil are available, not only gold or silver. It is also possible to make concave or convex embossing. For a unique appearance of the packaging, you can choose mass-embossed paper instead of white paper. Such a premium box will be complemented by aromatic matches.

size: 110 x 41 x 9 mm
contents: approx. 14 pcs.
wooden matches 97 mm long

minimum quantity: 500 pieces
possible selection of the color of match heads after prior contact with the office. You can contact us by going to contact tab or email us:
individual overprint – Pantone or CMYK colours


  • offset printing
  • UV or ECO varnish
  • white drawer

additional possibilities:

  • UV selective varnish
  • hot print
  • embossing
  • colored drawer

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