We are the largest producer of matches and firelighters in Europe.

30 years of experience allows us to meet the most sophisticated requirements of customers from around the world.


The most recognizable product – our offer includes over 50 different packages with the possibility of any adaptation to customer requirements


Reliable firelighters produced in Poland, ideally suited for lighting the grill and fireplace

Organic products

The latest eco line created for the sake of the environment and our planet

Premium matches

High quality that will meet the highest expectations – perfect for a luxury living room, a passionate bathroom or an atmospheric patio

Current news

25 March 2024
Matches in Restaurant Culture

Lighting Up the Dining Experience: The Role of Matches in Restaurant Culture     In the world of culinary delights, every detail matters. From the ambiance to the presentation, restaurateurs strive to create memorable experiences for their patrons. One often-overlooked element that contributes to the overall ambiance is matches. Join us as we explore the…

11 March 2024
Lighting Up Social Media: The Viral Appeal of Matchbox Videos

Lighting Up Social Media: The Viral Appeal of Matchbox Videos Introduction: In the vast landscape of social media, trends come and go, but some unexpected phenomena capture our attention and spark widespread fascination. Enter matchbox videos – seemingly simple clips featuring matches being ignited, arranged, or manipulated in mesmerizing ways. These videos have taken social…

26 February 2024
The Power of Matchbox Marketing

Igniting Brand Brilliance: The Power of Matchbox Marketing   Introduction: In the vast landscape of marketing strategies, it’s essential for brands to find innovative ways to capture the attention of their audience and leave a lasting impression. Enter matchbox marketing – a creative and memorable approach that illuminates your brand in the minds of consumers….

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