We are the only manufacturer of exclusive, unique packaging for matches and kindling. Sets in the form of boxes, trunks or old books are finished with raw or varnished wood, decorative cardboard and natural leather.


The main product of our company- biggest offer of matchboxes and customization in Europe


Woloszyn firestarters are known for their quality- very easy and quick inflammation of your fireplace, grill or firecamp

Organic products

Ecological line made with serious care about our planet. Made from enviorment friendly resources minimizes influence in world polluting process

Premium matches

Products for most demanding customers delivering satisfaction and great quality

Current news

18 March 2022
Seed matches – NEW

We have launched a new product – seed matches.   This is a new eco-friendly gadget made entirely from recycled materials. The whole thing consists of an eco ashtray integrated with matches in which seeds are placed. After using the match, you can place it in the ground, thus planting a plant.   Seed matches can…

2 December 2021

All items are separated from each other and the forks and toothpicks are separately hygienically packaged. The set is packed in a neat little personalised box which will certainly fit into any backpack or bag pocket. Particularly recommended for those preparing for a camping trip who want to reduce the weight of their luggage as…

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